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KHASAKH Cooperative Society is a savings and credit cooperative society (SACCO), owned, governed, and used by the subscribed current and former staff of World Vision Uganda (WVU).

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Healthy & Wealthy People

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KHASAKH Cooperative Society Ltd is a Christian financial institution whose mission is to offer reliable and effective financial services for healthy and wealthy people.

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Accountability | Partnership | Equity | Innovations

Khasakh Cooperative Society is a Membership of World Vision Uganda’s current & former employees, their spouses, and children that became fully registered in 2010 by the registrar under the Ministry of Trade and Cooperatives under registration number 9985/RCS.


Khasakh Cooperative Society acknowledges responsibility for actions, products, decisions, and policies under her jurisdiction. Khasakh Cooperative Society shall promptly avail information, follow approved policies and procedures, use of international financial reporting standards, presentation of independently audited reports to the members, follow the principles and practices of good corporate governance.


KHASAKH Cooperative Society promotes partnerships, networking, and collaborations with other financial institutions, governments, and other NGOs for learning and development purposes.


KHASAKH Cooperative Society promotes equal opportunities to all her members in all dealings and operations.


KHASAKH Cooperative believes in innovative solutions that drive efficient and effective service delivery to the members.

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