Savings Products

Our range of innovative products and services is designed to meet the diverse financial needs of our members

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Savings Products

With competitive interest rates and easy access to funds, saving with us is a step towards financial stability.

where financial solutions meet your unique needs

Explore the diverse offerings that make us your trusted investments partner.

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General Savers

Save for 3, 5, and above, no ledger fees, withdraw only once in a quarter, and attracts a 5% interest per annum.

Education Savers

Save for 3, 5, and above, no ledger fees, withdraw only once in a quarter.

Short Term – earns 5% interest per annum. Medium term – earns 10% interest per annum.

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Child Saver

This has no ledger fees, accessed when a child makes 18 years, with a 14% interest per annum.

Pensioner Saver

This is from 5 years and above, accessed when one makes 55 years of age. Interest is at 12% per annum and it compounds itself annually until maturity

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Target Saver

A member can save for a specific purpose e.g wedding, Construction, kwanjula, or vacation and many others.

Credit Products

Kickstart or expand your business with our flexible microloans designed for entrepreneurs like you.

Savings Products

Secure your financial future with our savings products that offer competitive interest rates and easy access to your funds.

Advisory Services

Empower yourself with knowledge through our financial education workshops.

We believe that knowledge is key to financial empowerment

Through workshops, webinars, and educational resources, we provide the tools and guidance you need to make informed financial decisions and achieve long-term success.