Cooperatives and other entities are increasingly enhancing visibility, publicizing their operations, products to attract potential customers, make profits, and keep in business.

KHASAKH Cooperative Society is a savings and credit cooperative society (SACCO), owned, governed, and used by the subscribed current and former staff of World Vision Uganda (WVU). The Cooperative was registered in August 2012 with the objective of promoting thrift and savings amongst its members, thereby creating a source of loan funds.

Existing and former staff (who are former Cooperative society members and opt to stay) can use society’s products and services. Due to its nature as a work-based Cooperative Society, KHASAKH Cooperative Society has one office, housed within the World Vision Uganda office premises in Kampala.

From here, the Cooperative Society provides a range of financial products and services including savings/deposits, loans, and money transfer services to its members.

Organization Structure

KHASAKH Cooperative Society has a formal organization structure composed of The Annual General Meeting (AGM), Executive Committee, Supervisory Committee, Vetting Committee (Adhoc), and the Cooperative  Management.

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