Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a member?

A member is a current staff, former staff, a spouse to and children for a current or former staff of World Vision Uganda, and has a minimum of 64 shares each share costing Ug. shs 25,000/=.

Can one withdraw savings when you have a running loan?

Yes you can if you have flexi savings. Flexi savings means, you make your monthly repayments for the loan plus a mandatory savings amount of 100,000/= and on top of that, you save some more amount of money to cater to your withdrawals in case of need.

When are you allowed to get another loan if you have a running loan?

When one makes 40% repayment of the current loan and has at least had the loan running for a minimum period of six (6) months.

Am I entitled to a loan when I have less than 64 shares?

No. However, you can authorize the SACCo to deduct the minimum share amount from the loan amount before disbursement.

Can I get a land loan without guarantors?

Any land loan requires a guarantor

What is the minimum number of shares I need to qualify for a loan?


What is the maximum loan period?

60 months

Can KHASAKH buy off my loan from another bank?


Can I use a land agreement to acquire a loan?


Can I join KHASAKH SACCO if I have never been a World Vision Staff?

Currently you can only join KHASAKH SACCO if you have ever worked with World Vision Uganda, or married to a current or former staff of World Vision Uganda or one of your parents is currently working or ever worked with World Vision Uganda

What are the different ventures that KHASAKH SACCO invests in?

Treasury bills
Fixed accounts
Money markets with Insurance companies

When should one be eligible for a short term when servicing a long term?

After 6 months of consecutively repaying the longterm loan

Can I withdraw my money for shares?

Shares money cant be withdrawn to meet the immediate needs of a member they can only be transferred to another member if a member wants to close their accounts with the SACCO completely.

Can KHASAKH help me invest my money for a year or more?

Yes at an interest rate of 12% per year in terms of opening up a medium-term savings account.

Can the SACCO give school fees loans?

Yes it can be a form of short term loan

Apart from savings and loans, which other benefits can I get from KHASAKH SACCO as a member?

Insurance benefits in case of death

Enjoy the benefits when you save with Khasakh Sacco!